HCS will make you shine


Amazing Marketing

We work with you to create marketing that delivers measurable results. The medium is secondary — be it video, audio, web, e-mail, or printed material. Results — and return on investment — are what we’re looking for.

Awards Don’t Matter

Hearken Creative has won numerous awards from American Corporate Identity and others over the years. We’re not looking for recognition — the most important thing is making our clients’ marketing shine — but it is fun to be recognized for our outstanding work.

Working for Your Success

We continue to push the envelope for our clients -- all with return on investment in mind. We want to make sure you understand the measurable results we are seeking, and how we can leverage one success into another for your company.


BN with TPR

Loren gave our 31-year-old magazine a beautiful new look. Beautiful pictures just jump out at you, and the text is mysteriously easier than before to read. We are delighted with his work.


I continue to get fabulous feedback on the piece I just mailed out. It is like magic. It’s so beautiful and professional, it is catching people’s eye and compelling them to want to be involved. Paper is important, design is powerful. All I can say is WOW, and thanks!


I have had the pleasure of working with Loren for 20 years. He is exceptionally creative and consistently personable. He always delivers and is consistently on schedule. Over the years he has earned my trust. I look forward to our continuing relationship.