A website is the “first contact” moment with your customers, constituents or donors. We use current technology and powerful design to make your website stay on the user’s mind, and ultimately fulfill the task users want to accomplish.

Jon Leonoudakis website homepage

Jon Leonoudakis

NEW FOR 2016: Our charge was to build something fun and exciting, but also modular and client-editable. This WordPress-based site has all the “bells and whistles” that a production company could want, and it can even be converted to an e-commerce site in the future if the client decides to go that direction. Great example…

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Matt Frazier/TAIMusic website homepage

Matt Frazier

NEW FOR 2016: The client specifically asked for an HTML5 site that he could update himself. Photos, music player, and content are all modular, and the client has already been making edits — even a few days after going live. We consider that a success.

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Asian Access

An award-winning website that keeps evolving as the organization grows. Through its development, Hearken Creative 1) executed the original design, 2) consulted on how to evolve and maintain the site, and 3) continues to supply graphics and advising for the site’s continued growth, including blogs, forums, and content management systems.

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The Fair Trade movie

In addition to managing post-production, designing the soundscape, composing score, and designing the packaging and much of the marketing, Hearken Creative rebuilt the website for the home video release of The Fair Trade. The re-design increased viewership by over 200%, and the site still gets many hits years after the release.

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The Baseball Reliquary

When The Baseball Reliquary wanted a new website, they came to Hearken Creative. We were able to build a e-commerce site that is client-sustainable: articles and products can be uploaded and modified by the Reliquary staff, and all e-commerce fulfillment work takes place right in the WordPress backend. A perfect solution for a small organization.

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Pacific Unitarian Church

Hearken Creative has worked on many church websites in Southern California. This one needed a bit of custom work to serve the diverse needs of the congregation. Hearken Creative worked with in-house and remote coders to perfect the site for the specific needs of Pacific Unitarian Church, with fantastic results.

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