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Shakedown Mambo photo session

Wow, I had a blast today. We are currently working on a CD packaging design for Shakedown Mambo’s upcoming album, and to support that effort we shot some photos of the duo — Rick and Phil. Some iconic shots here (click on any image to get the larger sized lightbox):

Can’t wait to show you the rest of the CD package, as soon as it’s done. These guys sound as good as they look!

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Watch what photos you post on Facebook…

Have you read the Terms and Conditions for Facebook? Before you start posting all of your photos, know that within the T&Cs, Facebook makes it clear that they reserve the right to use anything uploaded to Facebook on their pages, in their advertising, or anywhere else they think would be fun to use it. Carolyn Wright, an attorney who works with photographers, flagged this issue one on her blog.

Just be careful, people. I don’t post any personal photos to any service, because I want some amount of ownership and privacy.