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We Love Exhibitions

Over at Print Magazine, Mr. Heller shows us a new exhibition on dance. Dance, a fluid and dynamic art form, doesn’t seem like it would be suited for a print exhibition, but some of the most beautiful photography comes when the camera captures grace in movement.

It seems a hard time to focus on beauty, but I have been attempting to discipline myself to find beauty all around me, in spite of all of the bad economic news: admiring the odd location of the constellation Orion last night; heading to one of my old beach haunts, El Matador State Beach; and enjoying Esa Mekka Salonen’s new Violin Concerto.

Opening the eyes and ears to the beauty around us can pave the way towards a gratitude for every day spent living. It is my hope that I can continue to enjoy, and be inspired by exhibitions of all types. LACMA, anyone?