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Color And Design Affect Gift-giving?

Leatrice Eiseman is a color goddess. She has made it her life’s work to understand how color affects us on a visceral level. She had a great post in December, about choosing gifts based on people’s coloration:

Taking a bit of extra time and thinking about the personal coloring of the gift recipient can be a vital clue to your success in gift selection as most people tend to prefer colors that blend with their natural coloring. For example, have you noticed that redheads, people with golden blonde or brown hair with amber brown eyes invariably gravitate to earthtones?

This struck me because, as I was riding home today, I realized how much the things I put around me really do follow my color likes, which actually do follow my coloration. I’m light-skinned, have brown-hair and gray-blue eyes. So I’m drawn to earth-tones, greens, and blues.

Fuller Arts Festival Brochure

The bike is green. As I look around the office, there are candles in green and blue, the desks are rich honey brown (the old IKEA office furniture color that was the best they had until they discontinued it), and the lighting is all incandescent/halogen (no fluorescent). I have subconsciously surrounded myself with things that scream my colors.

Now Eiseman says give gifts based on people’s coloration. I’ll have to give that a try…