L.A. Waterfront Passport/Map


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L.A. Maritime Museum




San Pedro and the surrounding metro areas perennially are overshadowed by their neighbors – Long Beach, Palos Verdes, etc. – and news stories about crime. Several museums and attractions around the waterfront wanted to change that perception and attract new visitors to the Los Angeles Harbor and waterfront.

After some research, Hearken Creative brought the idea of a National Parks-style "map and attractions" piece, mimicking the look and feel of those well-loved park maps. Everyone truly bought in to the idea, and the project was on its way.


Along with the map Hearken Creative designed a "passport" that could be stamped at all of the attractions listed in the large map. Engagement was off the charts upon release with many of the attractions seeing a 50-100% increase in visitors.

The project was so successful that we still continue to this day working with Los Angeles Maritime Museum on print and video projects [ https://youtu.be/RGz6sKCYUZw ].

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