Why Marketing?

You have a product, a service, a cause. You need to make sure the world knows about it. You also need to make sure that the world knows about it in the way you want them to.[box]You want the public to understand that yours are the best, not someone else's. That's the power of marketing.[/box]Someone mentions your company, and that becomes an opportunity to promote the business...and hopefully make a sale.A marketing strategy is the set of guiding principles that help you make decisions about how to talk to customers (and potential customers), and how to leverage that communication for the most sales.How do we do this?First, we must know and understand your customer. Experience, constant communication, and feedback are vital. If we don't know who we're marketing to, there's a good chance there won't be traction when the customer sees or hears something about your organization.Next, once we know the customer we can tailor a marketing plan that fits your target, as well as your budget. Why? Again, the more you can craft the message (or brand) of your company, the more you are "in the driver's seat" of determining sales volume and return customers.[box]A marketing plan is a set of actions, based on research and budget, that will bring about the most sales for your organization.[/box]That sounds crass, right? But see -- it's not exactly...because the best customer is one who is going to develop a relationship with your brand, and come back again and again. Your customers have a whole internet-worth of data with which to make a purchasing decision. You need to do your homework so that you know what they are comparing, what features or perks are going to make a sale, and what messages resonate with your potential customer. A long-term relationship with a customer involves not just one sale...but a strategic marketing plan that cements your relationship with your customer.At Hearken Creative, we have over 20 years of working with clients to determine the best marketing for every job. We'll even tell you to go elsewhere if we have a company that we think will do a better job of getting a specific customer for you. We have experience in print, web, e-mail, radio, and video. We started -- as everyone did -- with "outbound marketing" (ads, flyers, brochures) but we also have a ton of experience with "inbound marketing" (content on YouTube, your website, etc.) that draws the customer to you.Give us a call and see how we can help you create your own marketing strategy, and generate success for your organization.

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