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Websites fulfill some very important tasks in today's world. First and foremost, they are the electronic version of a business card -- providing name and contact information for a new vendor or client. But they can do so much more than a business card, and Hearken Creative has just finished two such sites.HARVARD BUSINESS PRESS BESTSELLER


When Karen Berman and Joe Knight asked for a website that advertised the new edition of their bestselling book Financial Intelligence, I suggested doing things a little bit differently. Instead of creating a traditional site, maybe just a single page with some video and strong copy would be enough to draw people in -- without overwhelming them with information. Using Premise landing page software from Copyblogger & Studiopress, and a backend theme from WooThemes (Canvas, specifically), we created a punchy landing page with a video of co-author Joe Knight talking about the book. Here is where it gets good...The YouTube video (which Hearken Creative filmed and produced as well) is SEO-ready, so that it becomes a key driver of more eyeballs (remember, YouTube is almost as important as Google when it comes to search). In addition, video is much more enjoyable than simply reading a page of copy. The video also can get used in multiple streams:

  1. on YouTube,
  2. on the new landing page,
  3. on the client's existing website,

therefore getting more bang for the buck of the dollars spent on video.As stated, the previous edition of the book was already a bestseller (translated into over a dozen languages), so getting more traction for the new edition is simply icing on the cake. Still, a good landing page will help drive sales even further.STICKING A TOE INTO THE E-COMMERCE RIVER


Longtime friend and colleague Alison Siewert has received accolades for writing short dramas seen at conferences and events. But she has never had a place to sell the scripts, which have recently been receiving more and more attention. So we created a website where those scripts can be downloaded -- directly from the website -- for a small fee.The e-commerce solution was ready-made -- again from WooThemes -- and was relatively easy to set up. The site has already generated business, and we look forward to assisting Alison as she grows the business even further.Both of these sites were designed and produced by Loren A. Roberts at Hearken Creative. Our multi-disciplinary approach allowed us to use the best tools available to come up with real-world solutions for our clients, including imagery, producing and editing video, and (as always) cutting-edge, award-winning graphic design.We can take the same approach for your company as well. Call us today at 626-396-1500 to talk about your online needs.

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