The Transit of Venus, June 5, 2012

I created this timelapse over the course of the transit of Venus that occurred on June 5 and 6, 2012. I used my Canon EOS 7D with a 55-250 lens, zoomed all the way in. The resulting images were 4096x3456 pixels, so I was able to reduce the size of some frames, and leave other sequences at full resolution. I popped three different neutral density filters on as well as a polarizer filter. Because of all that, I cannot honestly say how many stops I was able to pull down, but I felt that I was well within the range of safety for the camera.Funny thing was that I was confronted by not one but two different security guards who, at first, didn’t want me photographing from long periods of time from the top of their parking garage (something about loitering). As soon as I explained what I was doing, and showed them the cool photos, they were excited -- and more amenable to my presence on the roof of the structure. Still, I moved a few times so that the security guards wouldn’t have to deal with me for too long.I wish that I either had a) a longer lens -- in the 600-1000mm range, or b) a good small telescope with proper attachments for viewing solar activity. This was a lot of fun, and made me even more interested in earth-bound space phototgraphy.For even better images of the transit, here are some good links:

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