Missing Japan already...

I have only been back from my trip a few weeks, but I'm missing Japan already. So I broke out some Matcha Green Tea-flavored Kit Kat candies to take me back.Candy is all over the place in Japan. Perhaps that is because omiyage are available in shops in every train station. Omiyage is a type of gift that you give someone -- a souvenir from far-away lands -- that you bring after you have been traveling. Omiyage oftentimes (I believe) has the connotation of being bought at the last minute, or even once you got home. But the sentiment is important, so they are bought often. And candy from different regions of the world is a popular gift. The variety of candy in Japan is much greater than that in the States -- lots of different flavors, and some more (or much less) sweet than candy that I am used to. Really fun.I really enjoyed visiting with pastors, missionaries, and community leaders who are working hard to bring hope and healing to some pretty devastated communities.Late last week we had our first translating session -- it's going to take a while to translate all of the interviews. I'll post links as they go live.

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