Award-winning logos over the years

I don't get to talk about the award-winning logos that Hearken Creative Services has produced over the years. And I’m waiting for client approval on a project this morning. So I thought I should upload a few that we have done:

We have actually done an update on this one, changing the typography to reflect the new organization. But the logomark still works wonderfully.

Included in the American Corporate Identity line of books.

These are just a few of the many successful logo design and re-design projects that we have worked on over the years. We have a long and successful track record of working with clients to

  • determine need
  • assess the values and strategies of the organization that should help shape the logo design process
  • work with owners, management, and employees to come to consensus on marketing values
  • present useful logo design strategies and work through the revision process, on time and on budget
  • complete fulfilment of digital and physical artwork for use by other design firms as well as internal staff

We would love to work with you on your next logo design project.

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