October 5, 2019

"A Swinging Centennial: Jackie Robinson at 100" video posted in three days

On September 29, a world premiere jazz work was performed in Pasadena, CA. We were there to film it, and we posted the edits only three days later!Our only regret: because the sound board was hard-wired into the venue, we were not able to pull a feed (or better yet -- a multi-track feed with ProTools) from the soundbooth. So everything you hear is from our mics placed throughout the room.However we're proud that we were able to pull this off in such a short time, and that the client is happy with the result!PART 1:https://youtu.be/orwTj0haiVgPART 2:https://youtu.be/MNEqa-z60iU

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