People ask us why we do it — why Hearken Creative pursues projects in graphic design, web design, feature film (both production and post-production), corporate video, and sound and music production. How can a boutique company offer the same range of services as a multi-city ad agency?

There are several answers. First and foremost, it is what our clients need. Hearken Creative started out in 1993 — the brainchild of Loren A. Roberts, working exclusively on print projects. A few years later, many of those same clients needed website design. And, by 2000-2005, those same clients were looking for film, video, and interactive production that would integrate with their current marketing strategies. We always find out what your needs are, and then strive to deliver mind-blowing solutions that impact your profitability. Your organization is served better when marketing efforts are under one roof where costs can be shared, production can be streamlined, and communication flows freely.

Secondly, quality of life is an issue. Everyone on the Hearken Creative team has broad interests, and personal and professional development should not be left for after-hours when one should be with family. So we train in music production, in post-production for sound, in lighting for film and video, in online usability strategies, as well as in visual information presentation and graphic design.

Our heroes are varied: Walter Murch (film and sound editing), Edward Tufte (information design), Pigeon John (rap!), Max De Pree (ethical management), Bart Prince (architect), David Ogilvy (advertising), James Newton Howard (film composer), Peter Gabriel (musician/showman/pioneer), Roger Black (designer/type designer)…the list could go on and on, the common denominator being a group of people who are always pushing boundaries, never content. They believe that their lives — and the lives of those around them — will be the better for stepping outside of the lines.

Thirdly, you — the client — reap the benefits of having a sort of “synergy of ideas” under one roof. Does art influence music? You bet it does. Does the way we perceive sound have any bearing on visual imagery? Oh yes. We have found that, at the intersection of visuals, sound, and storytelling, art informs art, whatever the medium.

But can we do that quick business card project? Of course! — we would love to design a business card for you. A good marketing strategy doesn’t stop with having a good business card, though: we want to introduce you to our direct marketing campaigns, our PSAs that have gone viral on YouTube, our incredible brochures and newsletters and annual reports, and the powerful videos that draw people into the story of your business.