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The week in review; catchall update

I’ve been so busy over the past week that I haven’t posted much of anything here, electing instead to do quick tweets of links that I have found interesting or helpful. So here’s my accumulated updates for this week:

  • Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon. All gone this week. Pasadena Star News has an article here. I can’t tell you how many MJ songs I have memorized; Thriller came out when I was just getting started in Chamber Singers/Musical Theater. Quincy Jones and Greg Phillinganes were my idols for creating such a magical mishmash of R&B, pop, jazz, and rock on MJ’s albums. And who from Southern California can forget Disneyland’s Captain EO?
  • Fame is coming back — remember that awesome film? It shaped many of us young performers’ hopes and dreams way back when; now it’s updated for a new generation. Why do I point this out? Well, much of the interior filming (especially the dance studio) was filmed at my kids’ school last fall; it was a nightmare for the school, but hey, that’s show business in L.A., right? Here’s the trailer.
  • I have completed two movies with Burning Heart Productions, and we are starting preproduction on the third. The Fair Trade movie was accepted to the Iowa Independent Film Festival, held in mid-July. That makes it seven film festivals for that little no-budget movie. Congratulations to the entire production team! Both The Fair Trade and 2004’s Laundry and Tosca are in negotiations for broadcast and/or theatrical releases in Australia right now, which is an exciting prospect for movies that were built on credit cards and love and providence…
  • WebVideoUniversity had a review of the HF-S10, a new camera from Canon. They really like it, and I like that I would be able to salvage much of my old 58mm lens stuff from the Canon GL2 (that I still own and use on occasion). But I’m also looking at the other end of the product lines, and really liking what I’m hearing about the new Panasonic VariCam 3700 [see quick reviews here and here]. So I don’t know what I’ll pick up next…
  • Finally, a note about the economy. The Pasadena Star News ran a tiny article about a study detailing how “most Californians failed to benefit from the economic expansion that predated last year’s meltdown…gains from the growth in the economy between 2000 and 2007 went to corporate profits and the wealthiest 20 percent of California taxpayers.” And to that I say…no duh. As fun as this business has been for me, the years between 1996 and 2000 were much easier — financially — than the last ten years. Not that I’m going anywhere: we have some new announcements over the next few weeks, and some great new projects in the works.