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Gold Line light rail extension in jeopardy

According to the Pasadena Star News this morning, the Gold Line extension project from Pasadena to Montclair has lost its bid to receive federal stimulus funding. Apparently the people at Metro don’t think it’s high on their priority list.

I only have a few things to say about this. First, I know funds are tight, and there are a lot of mass transit projects that need funding in Southern California. Second, it has taken years for the current Gold Line to reach the capacity that they were expecting/needing to generate expected revenue. But third, when the 210 Freeway extension was completed from San Dimas to Rancho Cucamonga, the entire 210 Freeway took a hit, and now I can’t stand to drive it. There is no longer a “rush hour” — it’s just a 24-hour traffic jam on the 210. So I would take the Gold Line Extension to the Inland Empire in a heartbeat if it was there. I’m just saying.

Come on, guys. Let’s save the planet. And soon.