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Stuff that didn’t fit into the portfolio

Over the years, we have done literally thousands of projects for lots and lots of clients. And most of those didn’t make it into the portfolio. That loss is your gain, because now I can pull some of them out and show them off one at a time here on the blog.

Army of Stars postcard - Salvation Army

This first one is a postcard that I did for Salvation Army Southern California. They needed a hip, active look for their “Army of Stars” campaign. I designed a style and look, and then built postcards, newsletters, letterheads, and all matter of materials that the could use to communicate with the Hollywood community (here’s the front cover of the newsletter).

What I remember about this project is how quick the turnaround was, and how important it was to establish an identity for the Army of Stars program. We were successful beyond our wildest dreams, and were able to introduce a whole new generation of Hollywood stars to the joy of serving in the Salvation Army.