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Why spend time on marketing?

It seems I am spending more time than ever before on marketing myself. Getting the website up and running, printing new postcards, making phone calls, networking — am I spending more time marketing than actually doing work right now? Well, in an economic downturn, that’s just what you are supposed to do, according to this wonderful article entitled “The Dumbells Cut Back…The Smart People Don’t”: The Upside of Recession from the Wellesley Hills Group:

Whether there will be or won’t be a recession, maintaining a healthy marketing program will only build on what you have already developed. And maintaining and growing what you have toiled long and hard over requires careful planning, decisive execution, and plain old guts. Now more than ever the money you spend now on marketing matters. Not because dark times loom, but because there is real opportunity out there right now.

So, I will spend the time and energy on making sure to put my best foot forward. To that end, we will be launching several new websites over the next month or so:,, and, among others, will highlight specific focus areas of our business: weddings, sound, film production and post-production, and graphic design.

And we’re continuing to service our current client base with some pretty exciting projects. I will post a few as soon as I get photos taken of these really recent design projects!