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FASGI event complete success

Do you want an event that is amazing? Hearken Creative can help, much like we did last night. Loren A. Roberts/HearkenCreative worked with the board of FASGI (Filipino American Service Group Inc.) to stage an incredibly fun event at SPIN L.A. (in the Standard Hotel) on May 6, 2014.

First (months ago), Hearken Creative worked with FASGI on social media, creating “save-the-date” images that got people interested in the event.

Next, we extended the same branding through invitations, flyers, and additional social media pushes.

At the event, HCS handled the printed programs, which continued to extend the exciting “party” brand that we had created.

Finally — through our partnership with Visions Lighting and our own expertise in event A/V — Hearken Creative handled sound, lights and video for three separate rooms in the venue, including providing sound reinforcement for hired musicians throughout the evening. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti was honored along with Lou Diamond Phillips and several other community leaders, with Filipina community star Yong Chavez as the emcee for the evening. The party was hopping all night, FASGI had standing-room-only attendance, and the event was a complete success — both as a fundraiser and as an opportunity to extend the FASGI name throughout the community.

2014-05-06 18.24.46

2014-05-06 19.45.37

2014-05-07 07.51.52

2014-05-06 20.37.40

2014-05-06 21.49.04

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Todd Roberts, lighting designer extraordinaire

So I’m very impressed by what my brother has been able to do. He started his business right about the same time as I started mine. And now, he’s being covered in trade publications as a true expert in his craft. Congratulations! Here’s a quick excerpt:

Although he’s created light shows at some of the world’s most glamorous events, LD Todd Roberts maintains a distinctively low profile and simple lifestyle.  The veteran designer still enjoys unloading rigs at his events, and would prefer to relax with his family on the beach than anything more glamorous. Todd’s work is intricate and often edgy, but his personal life is unpretentious and rooted in basic values. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Read the rest of the article (plus interview) on Elation Lighting’s E-news.