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Anti-Body needs your help to start a co-op in Liberia

Anti-Body/Liberia yard sale poster

Do you like garage sales? If you do, head over to Silverlake this Saturday for a benefit yard sale Anti-Body is holding in support of the new co-op that they are working to start in Liberia.If you have done your homework, Anti-Body is the company that is featured in our movie The Fair Trade, started by twin sisters Tamara and Shelby and Shelby’s husband Steve. Their products are now featured in Whole Foods Markets as well as private label skincare products all over the place.

The Coconut Campaign is trying to purchase a coconut press for a budding co-op in Liberia, so that they can start providing fair-trade coconut oil to Anti-Body:

In order to start this operation, $35,000 is needed which includes the purchase of the coconut oil press ($9,650), shipping from India, packaging, travel, and starting wages. To ensure the success of this enterprise, Anti-Body will provide the Liberian co-op team with training in safety procedures and quality-control, educational assistance, health care and a starting wage of $50 a month. Regular meetings and third-party distribution will further the future capacity of the Liberian fair trade cooperative.

So we’re helping by selling some stuff. And hopefully you will be buying some stuff.

Here’s the information:

Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009
Time: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Location: 722 Parkman Avenue
City: Silverlake, CA
Info on the co-op:
Info on the Coconut Campaign:

See you there!