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Is product placement doomed by the recession?

I always thought that the product tie-ins for Chuck and Heroes were kinda funny (I don’t even remember what companies they were!), but I didn’t know that the whole concept of product placement as a viable advertising vehicle was going to go away. And then this morning, Jeep decided to cut its losses in the wake of Chrysler’s financial situation, and not promote the phenomenal tie-in of the Jeep in the new Terminator movie.

It’s funny. They are in deep financial distress, and really need to keep selling cars in order for a Chapter 11 to work (or else they have no reason to do a reorg). But it’s hard to continue to advertise when there’s no money to spend. How to solve it?

I find some of my clients in a similar position: unable to make more money, but unable to advertise to bring new clients in. It’s a tough economic climate we’re in, and some of the things that we have done to help clients are:

  • cut costs of design and production,
  • cut costs of printing and other buyouts,
  • advise on ways to maximize the return on investment for advertising, and
  • create flexible payment plans for our clients.

We hope this helps keep some of our customers coming back for more projects with Hearken Creative, and we hope that your company is weathering this storm well.

Blog, business, post production for film and video

More fun stuff being produced for commercials

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

This Honda Insight commercial takes both in-camera and post/FX effects, and creates a very organic, dynamic spot that mirrors the ethos of the car.

Eric Treml, a cinematographer from Austria, accomplished this wonderful mini-film. In Studio Daily, Treml talks about film, lenses, and 20+ takes to accomplish what he wanted:

“The big challenge was how detailed each shot needed to be,” he continues. “Lining everything up was painstaking and time-consuming. We were chasing the light and there was only so much we could do considering that we often needed 30 takes. But the finished spot unfolds in a witty and delightful way.”

In a 30-second spot, every shot counts. And this little piece did a nice job of communicating the dynamic, communal, and fun aspects of this car. Nicely done!

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51st Grammy Awards Spot visualizes influences through type


There’s a new commercial for the 51st Grammy Awards that’s out, and it features Stevie Wonder talking about his musical influences. As he is talking, an illustration of Wonder is coming into focus through the use of floating song titles — all in different typefaces. Great execution by TBWA/Chiat/Day!

There’s also a Thom Yorke ad, but it doesn’t work as well as the Stevie Wonder. It’s not as subtle…