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Los Angeles filming looking bleak

In this article from the NY Times, filming in Los Angeles neighborhoods dipped the lowest since they started tracking in 1993. Sad news. But what is harder to gauge is 1) where all of that business is going, and for how long, and 2) what long-term impact the loss of entertainment dollars will have on Southern California’s economy.

I kept my business here in Southern California specifically because it was the best place to market our eclectic brand of production, post-production, and design. And I still believe that SoCal is the best place for it. My hope is that, as the condition of the economy becomes clearer, that studios and agencies will realize all of the talent that is right under their noses. Additionally, my hope is that California will observe what other states are doing — incentives, tax breaks, etc. — and step up to make doing business here in SoCal a lucrative idea once again.