It’s hard to know how to start a project, especially one that entails multiple elements: invitation, postcard, program, and thank-you notes; or all the various elements of a video — shoot to post to delivery. At Hearken Creative, we pride ourselves on being the very best at project management in the industry. You can count on everything taking place at the proper time, and nothing getting “lost between the cracks” as the project moves forward. Here’s how your project would look, step-by-step:

  1. Fact-finding. We want to know as much as possible about the problem. Only then can we formulate a solution.
  2. Present strategy, draft budgets, submit production timelines. The client can then weigh in on whether we have interpreted the needs of the organization before we start running… (This discussion will focus both on marketing concept as well as visual ideas for design projects; for film/video, visual style as well as content will be discussed.)
  3. Present concept. This could be presentation boards, a sketch on a napkin, storyboards, a draft script, or a simple shooting outline. Once again, the client’s input is valuable for focusing the project to be the best it can be — and deliver the most return on investment for the organization.
  4. Production. The green light goes on. We start implementing the design, or rolling the cameras, or putting ink on paper. All external vendors are coordinated through Hearken Creative’s superior project management, so that the client does not have to worry about quality control or timeliness.
  5. Delivery. Always on time, always within budget.
  6. Re-group, debrief, debate successes and assess room for improvement.

We are truly proud of our design work, and it has been recognized through numerous awards over the last 15 years. Please take a look at our design portfolio, or, see the new portfolio pieces that are constantly added to the Hearken Creative blog (we couldn’t fit all the ones we wanted to into the main portfolio!).