BN with TPR ONGOING FOR 2020: Bill Nye the Science Guy™ pictured here with The Planetary Report, the magazine of The Planetary Society. Loren A. Roberts has been the art director of this award-winning magazine for almost ten years, and we’re still going strong. Become a member, and you can read all of the back issues on the Society’s website.

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pln-ar2003 Annual Report for Para Los Niños, a Skid Row families services agency. We got phenomenal response from the donor base after they saw where money was going and how lives were being changed.

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Nimbus Ensemble postcard Postcard for Nimbus Ensemble, a Los Angeles-based orchestra that contrasts new music to classical music. The oversized postcard maximized the exposure of the event in the mail.
CalArts Alumni News CalArts needed a new look for their alumni magazine, and needed it quick and cheap. We came up with this 2-color design, and had it designed, produced, and printed in less than a month.

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Los Angeles Maritime Museum brochure For the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, having a brochure that doubled as a poster was what clinched the deal. This can be used in hotel lobbies and in store windows to promote the museum.

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tps-pf99-program Not only did Hearken Creative do the program for all PlanetFest events (97, 99, 04), but we also produced collateral event pieces: signage, tickets, flyers, sales items, and multimedia.

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capitol-n5000-365x350 Again, on-time, and on-budget: Capitol Tires needed to take existing product and create an entirely new catalog, overnight.

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Fuller Arts Festival brochure Award-winning design for a student-run arts festival in Pasadena, California.

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The Planetary Society | An Explorer’s Guide to Mars The Planetary Society wanted to create an instructional classroom aid that was both informative, information-packed, and fun. We worked with several scientists to cram as much information into this beautiful and exciting poster.

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Capri Lighting catalog As a junior designer at another firm, we worked with a team of designers and a demanding client to create this award-winning catalog.

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The Planetary Society catalog Taking a catalog and turning it into something beautiful, that people want to read — that’s fun. This collection of educational products from The Planetary Society worked wonders for their sales department.

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Need to see more designs? Check out some pieces that didn’t make it onto this page on our blog.

Standout Print Design

How do you define excellent print design? Awards and outside recognition? Check. Clients that have stuck with you for more than a decade? We have those. Successful campaigns that do better than a simple return on investment? That’s our goal with every single project. View our portfolio See more about our design philosophy Partial client…

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How we think about design

It’s hard to know how to start a project, especially one that entails multiple elements: invitation, postcard, program, and thank-you notes; or all the various elements of a video — shoot to post to delivery. At Hearken Creative, we pride ourselves on being the very best at project management in the industry. You can count…

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Partial Client List

Fuller Theological Seminary Ronald McDonald House of Los Angeles Occidental College Salvation Army Southern California The Planetary Society Right Management Consultants Jafra Cosmetics Lacrimedics, Inc. Visions Lighting L.A. County Museum of Natural History Cal Poly Pomona/Collins School for Hospitality Management Banning Residence Museum Los Angeles Maritime Museum The Max De Pree Leadership Center El Centro…

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The Planetary Report

Bill Nye the Science Guy™ pictured at right with The Planetary Report, the magazine of The Planetary Society. Loren A. Roberts has been the art director of this award-winning magazine for several years, and we’re getting better and better at bringing in all the many parts of this massive space-interest membership organization. Become a member,…

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