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Six (yes, six) new videos released today

The Los Angeles Children’s Chorus asked me to create some short introductory videos on each of their choirs. Previously I had produced one for their First Experiences in Singing class [see my eailer post]. These new videos required many hours of filming rehearsals and concerts for all six choirs, as well as music theory classes. Then we interviewed all the different directors to get their take on each chorus. Finally, we edited each piece together, trying to give new parents and members of the ensemble a sense of each chorus’ identity. And we attempted to keep them all under four minutes.


I’m excited about how these will be used to further the educational and artistic mission of the L.A. Children’s Chorus.

Preparatory Choir

Apprentice Choir

 Intermediate Choir

Concert Choir

Chamber Singers

Young Men’s Ensemble


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New Client, New Video, Incredible Story

Villa Esperanza is a ground-breaking school here in Pasadena, CA that serves kids and adults with developmental disabilities. The staff is amazing, the results are astounding, and we got to tell one small story recently. Take a look:

The school has launched a capital campaign that will build a new school facility for the numerous programs that they run, and this video was produced in concert with the campaign launch. We hope that the video will help them raise the money needed to build the new school.

As always, we were able to assemble a team of incredible people to bring this video to completion. HCS principal Loren A. Roberts produced, directed, and filmed (a little) and did sound. Greg King filmed/directed and edited. Roberto San Luis brought HCS and Villa together, and provided the concept and script for the video. On The Mark Rentals provided some gear that HCS didn’t already have. Vanessa Voors and Michelle Cox at Villa Esperanza were instrumental in making the production run smoothly. Most importantly, Jamie and his father were patient, enthusiastic cheerleaders for Villa — we couldn’t have made this video without them and the wonderful faculty at Villa.

Can we do this for you? Get in touch with Hearken Creative if you have a story you need told on film — or through e-mail, or on paper, on a website — whatever the project, we have a solution that will make you look great.

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YouTube videos for Christian counselor

I recently had the privilege of working with best-selling author Mark Baker, who runs the La Vie Counseling Centers in Pasadena and Santa Monica. Mark wanted to start sharing some of his insights to a larger audience through short videos that took a single idea from his books and “put a face to it.” Having done countless large-format conferences and training sessions, Mark was completely at ease in front of the camera, and extremely well-prepared.

Because much of his audience is in Brazil, we also close-captioned all of these videos for a Portuguese-speaking audience. Mark’s found an extremely competent translator in Brazil who forwarded transcripts of each video as we produced them.

This is the power of video: getting concepts delivered to people who are “visual learners.” This project embodies much of what can be done on a relatively-inexpensive budget: this was all shot in one day, on two cameras, and has all been accomplished in roughly six weeks (it could have been faster, but we felt that “trickling” the videos out would get us more bang for the buck).

If you want to do something like this for you company, contact me now, and we can discuss how to utilize the power of YouTube for your brand.

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Filming at JPL in June 2012

I got to head up to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory here in Pasadena to shoot a few short clips for my longtime client The Planetary Society. Here is the first of two videos that I shot and edited for them.

Emily Lakdawalla and Mat Kaplan did a fantastic job with limited time (JPL is conscious that lots of news organizations want to do feeds from JPL leading up to the dramatic Mars Science Laboratory landing in August 2012), and it was exciting to get to work with them on this, first filming and then editing and delivering the finished piece for use in a Planetary Radio Live! segment that was shown at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

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The Transit of Venus, June 5, 2012

I created this timelapse over the course of the transit of Venus that occurred on June 5 and 6, 2012. I used my Canon EOS 7D with a 55-250 lens, zoomed all the way in. The resulting images were 4096×3456 pixels, so I was able to reduce the size of some frames, and leave other sequences at full resolution. I popped three different neutral density filters on as well as a polarizer filter. Because of all that, I cannot honestly say how many stops I was able to pull down, but I felt that I was well within the range of safety for the camera.

Funny thing was that I was confronted by not one but two different security guards who, at first, didn’t want me photographing from long periods of time from the top of their parking garage (something about loitering). As soon as I explained what I was doing, and showed them the cool photos, they were excited — and more amenable to my presence on the roof of the structure. Still, I moved a few times so that the security guards wouldn’t have to deal with me for too long.

I wish that I either had a) a longer lens — in the 600-1000mm range, or b) a good small telescope with proper attachments for viewing solar activity. This was a lot of fun, and made me even more interested in earth-bound space phototgraphy.

For even better images of the transit, here are some good links:

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Super Bowl brings the music, 2012 edition

The Super Bowl is now over, but now we get to dissect everything that happened around the big event (I’m not a Monday Morning Quarterback, so I won’t get into analyzing the game, even though it had its exciting moments).

On Crazytown this week, I look at the music that shaped key moments during the broadcast — from commercials, to halftime, to the incredible National Anthem. Go check it out.

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Summer 2011: Pasadena Musical Theatre

Ryan Scott Oliver, PMTP‘s creative director, wrote a brand new musical for the students who participated in the Summer 2011 session of the Pasadena Musical Theatre Program. I am a member of the board of directors of this fantastic program. We now have a partnership with the Pasadena Playhouse, and are looking to expand even further into the community.

But back to the musical, Jasper in Deadland. I filmed a bunch of the shows and rehearsals, and mixed the live sound off-the-board for this recording. It gives a good glimpse of what the students got to experience over the summer: originating roles in a fantastic new musical, and getting to work with musical theatre professionals — directors, choreographers, lighting and sound and costume and set designers, etc.