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New iStockphoto images, developments

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted here, so this will cover a few things.

First, posting images to iStockphoto has been going well. Now, I just need to start making more money from them. Here are a few recent uploads:

| | |

So is the economy up or down? I don’t think anyone can decide. Even Wall Street was bipolar this past week — way up one day and way down the next. We are considering ways to drastically cut expenses for the company, like moving to a smaller office and using fewer computers, or even temporarily closing the post-production side of the business (entertainment industry has been hit hard). But, on the other hand, I added more job numbers to my jobs list this week than I have in recent memory, and completed several large projects as well. So I’m feeling cautiously hopeful, at least in the short term.

While we’re talking about the business, I found an elegant little program called TimeTagger for tracking my time spent on projects throughout the workday. It’s going to help me track profitability much better than I have been able to previously.


And, in the “covet” department, I’m really wanting a Canon 7D. Great photography and HD filmmaking at multiple frame rates, with lots of upsides. Expensive, but possibly worth it. We’re not ready financially to make a big purchase like this, but if the right project comes along, this is the one that I would purchase right now. If you want to buy it for me, the link is here…thanks!

2 thoughts on “New iStockphoto images, developments

  1. Dina, I have made maybe $25 from iStockphoto. So it’s not going to turn into my retirement plan anytime soon, unless I really want to spend some time on it. I really don’t consider myself a professional photographer, so I don’t mind letting my shots go for a few bucks each; you might have a problem with that since you shoot professionally (and are much better at it than me).

    Hope that helps. I’m gonna keep working on it — building my catalog, and analyzing which photos get bought and which don’t — and I’ll keep you posted.

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