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Earth Day and iPhone rejection

The Daily Heller linked to a pretty cool device (watch out, some pictures show the bird) of the iWood, an anti-iPhone device. Totally tongue in cheek.

Now I love my iPod Touch, and I’m endlessly connected everywhere I go, but I understand where the iWood maker is going. At my son’s choir tour prep meeting, the directors made sure that we knew that all iPods, handheld games, and even cell phones (except for emergency uses) would be confiscated. Why? Because they are going on a trip with a bunch of other kids, and they should be spending time hanging out with the other kids, not playing online games or texting the friends back at home.

That sounds logical, right? Then why do we adults ignore the people around us in favor of being connected 24/7 to our online network? Now I’m going to backtrack: much of my online network is my group of friends, so I have simply extended the manner in which I connect to friends. And I am also connected extensively as a strategic move for profitability — I want new clients.

But hey. It’s always good to be reminded — in a humorous way — that the iPhone won’t save the world. But we will. Save the world, that is.

Happy Earth Day.