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The air we breathe; or, how Hearken Creative loves the environment

So I am now a part of the non-gasoline-guzzling generation: I’m riding the bike to work. It’s not that far; I both work and live in Pasadena (opposite ends, but still). The experience, though, is going to change how I view Pasadena: I love the ride, but I don’t love how bicycle riders are treated, and I’m not pleased with the limited number of bike routes in Pasadena.

Schwinn Voyager bicycleBut I also love seeing the city, observing passing things at a slower pace so that I can enjoy and internalize what I am seeing. This will definitely change how I interact with the city.

So, if you see a nerdy-looking guy riding around Pasadena with a red, white, and blue helmet on, be kind. I’ll try and do the same…

I think I’m a day away from letting my beta testers loose on the website. Can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “The air we breathe; or, how Hearken Creative loves the environment

  1. Yeah, we said goodbye to both of our cars in L.A. when we moved to Tokyo. Now our family of four owns four bicycles! It definitely changes the way and the pace you do things. But it’s been a great experience.

    So how is your broken arm? And when will the doc let you get back in the saddle?

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