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The air we breathe; or, how Hearken Creative loves the environment

So I am now a part of the non-gasoline-guzzling generation: I’m riding the bike to work. It’s not that far; I both work and live in Pasadena (opposite ends, but still). The experience, though, is going to change how I view Pasadena: I love the ride, but I don’t love how bicycle riders are treated, and I’m not pleased with the limited number of bike routes in Pasadena.

Schwinn Voyager bicycleBut I also love seeing the city, observing passing things at a slower pace so that I can enjoy and internalize what I am seeing. This will definitely change how I interact with the city.

So, if you see a nerdy-looking guy riding around Pasadena with a red, white, and blue helmet on, be kind. I’ll try and do the same…

I think I’m a day away from letting my beta testers loose on the website. Can’t wait.